Karen as Georgia

Karen's musical portrait takes the young Georgia from her childhood to her first shocking moments asked to paint nude men at the Academy of Art in Chicago, to New York and back to Chicago, through years of agony and lack of faith in her own talent until the famous photographer Alfred Stieglitz happens to see her work and gives her the recognition she deserves. Stieglitz and Georgia become lifetime partners, although Georgia's passion for the Southwest takes her away from New York. She settles in Abiquiu after Stieglitz' death ; the second act devotes itself to Georgia's years in New Mexico, her wry amusement at the fans who visit her there, her growing blindness and her spiritual journey, drawn in the tones of the eternal river, a philosophical river of her life.


Portrait of the Artist Georgia O'Keeffe (1887-1986)

Written, staged and performed by Karen Melander-Magoon

Arrangements by Frank Fanning

1  There is a sweetness in silence
  I dream a life
3  My father was cheerful, as the Irish can be
4  Wisconsin
5  Georgia moves to Virginia
6  I painted the lilacs
7  Goodbye, high school, hello Chicago
  I Love Chicago!
9  Chicago has ist bright and golden face
10  I see myself as in a mirror
11  The fall in New York is a time to sing
12  I fell in love with copper pots
13  When I came back to New York town
  Springtime in Old New York
15  New York was full of everything
16  Back to Chicago
17  My canvas is blank
18  An angel swept me up
19  When I was twelve
20  In 1916 my universe exploded
21  Two Hundred Ninety-One Fifth Avenue
22  Alfred opened my art to New York
23  I met Alfred in New York, or was it Texas?
24  A Song Becomes the Color of Your Kisses
25  I would try to tame my dreams
26  I painted flowers
27  I hate poetry
28  There is a world beyond my understanding
29  I can feel the velvet
30  Nothing is less real than realism
31  Wildness called me
32  The Dusk Settles Softly
33  New Mexico would call me back
34  Abiquiu becomes blue
35  And I would become lost in my desert
  Pal Duro Canyon
37  My ranch is always encircled by angels
38  An angel hurries by
39  My lovesong is clouds
40  I am a flower
41  Jack in the pulpit
42  I am honored
43  I lent my friend, the librarian
44  My flowers are my song
45  When I became blind
46  My brushes become dry
47  I am old
  Ode to a Late Spring
49  A young man, Juan Hamilton
50  I'm Coming Home
  What is Paradise?
52  What do I believe?
Finale:  I dream a life



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Georgia O'Keeffe