Karen as Clara

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Clara, Angel of the Battlefield

A musical story of Clara Barton (1821-1912)

Written, staged and performed by Karen Melander-Magoon

Arrangements by Frank Fanning

1  It's My Birthday
2  Travel Round the Christmas Tree
  It's Massachusetts
4  Why Do the Animals Hurt?
  I Gathered Three Grasshoppers
  One Day I Visited the Zoological Gardens
7  The Animals
8  Do You Know Clara
9  My Brothers and Sisters
10  The World is Full of Sorrows
11  Protect the Children
12  Where Are the Children?
13  Learning to Teach
  Who, said the Owl
15  It's All About the Children
16  Dagmar of Ribe
17  Heroes Come in Many Sizes
18  I Taught Again at Jersey
  The Face of Battle
20  No One Owns the Sand
21  I Help the North and the South
22  Col. Elwell Scene
  How many ways do I Love you?
  Old Love
25  Reveries
26  The Atlantic Seacoast
27  When?
28  My Sister is Ill
29  Sally Dies
30  Sally's Death Transition Phrases
  I Have a House
  Pansies are for Sale
33  Kaleidoscope of Memories
  America Joins the Red Cross
35  Wars
36  I Hear Them Speak of Home
37  This is the Key to My House
38  If we are to Fight Battles
39  Thank You, Mr. Rockefeller
  Are There Ghosts in Galveston?
41  Remember the Wars
42  Clara Resigned from the Red Cross
43  Protect the Children
44  Random Acts of Kindness
  The World is full of Christmases
46  A Tiny Song Takes Wings!
47  Everyday!
48  I Remember (finale)
49  Did I Live Today?
50  Where do the Geese go Wandering?
  Love is a Candle in the Dark
52  The Scissors of Sunshine

Clara Barton was born on Christmas Day into a Universalist family that worshiped at the church of Hosea Ballou, a renowned Universalist minister. Her father loved to play war games with her, using corncob soldiers and horses. When she was 13 she spent two years taking care of her brother, who had become an invalid after a fall; naturally shy, she was encouraged to become a teacher; she and another brother started a school for the indigent and for the children who worked in the mills. After some disappointments and frustrations looking for work in a man's world, she found her true vocation when the Civil War began and spent the rest of her life caring for the injured, founding the American Red Cross and First Aid and fighting for America to sign the Geneva Convention. She was devastated at her sister's death, and sings of her deep sorrow. Throughout this musical portrait, we are reminded of Clara's concern for the vulnerable, be they animals, children or soldiers on the battlefield and of her deep spirituality.

Clara Barton